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Game Night (Work in Progress)

Project Type

Short Film


Early 2024


Actor, Editor, Producer, Writer

Campaign Page

Co-written by Ellis Sutton and myself, “Game Night” is a story about a budding young couple who are forced to figure out what their potential future relationship could look like during an exciting game night amongst close friends. The story is full of vulnerability, tense moments, and big reveals - there are takeaways for everyone to enjoy!

Starring: Jasper Ross, Jessica Nicole Dickerson, Mikki Hernandez
Directed by: Ellis J. Sutton
Written by: Jasper Ross, Ellis J. Sutton
Produced by: Jasper Ross, Ellis J. Sutton, Areeta Asgharzadeh
Co-Produced by: Abeil T. Mehari
Cinematography by: Yorgo Tzoytzoyakos
Music by: Stevie Thompson Jr.
Edited by: Ellis J. Sutton, Jasper Ross

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